Friday, April 20, 2012

Summer breakdown plan

The worst semester in the PharmD curriculum means zero races in the spring, and changing rotations in the summer has screwed all attempt at a summer racing plan.  I did manage to keep about a 30mpw training schedule.  Training for what?  I don't exactly know anymore.

Lately the SCAR run has captivated my mind.  So it's not exactly a race.  Most people have never heard of it.  I'm a long way from having enough fitness and experience to attempt it, but it's a good thing to drool over, and as a long term goal to focus on my training on.

I did sign up for three events in the summer.  Boogie is such an unique event, that I must do it at least once, and to experience those midnight thunderstorms.  Then I plan to get really sore at The Scream, to take my "quads and calves to a place they've never been before".  Sometimes in August, I will suffer serious heat exhaustion at Laurel Valley as a first time sweeper.  Between these events and my summer rotation, I hope to run/hike the AT in GSMP to scout for the SCAR run.

And then there is Captain Thurmond's in August and New River Trail Challenge in September.........

By end of August, I'll either have written a bunch race reports, or be in the middle of renaming this blog to some injury related themes like Anthony's blog.