Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday duathlon

Dave emailed me to go riding after work at Beaverdam. Since I'm taking a day off, I figured I throw in something fun before riding. I could go paddling but I usually don't feel like doing anything else after paddling, so I tossed my running gear in the car instead.

I've never ran the section of Falls Lake trail by Creedmoor Rd. before, so I figured to give it a try since it's on the way to Beaverdam. It was brutally hot, or at least the hottest day so far this year, around 90' or so. I ran with my camelbak since I'll be wearing it for biking anyway and I was too lazy to pack another bottle. After ten minutes my energy left me and I slowed to a crawl. I turned around shortly after the first bridge over a creek with a round trip of about 3.5 miles. Ran through lots spider webs so this section must not get a lot traffic.

Went to the boat ramp at Beaverdam to cool off, splashed some water on my head and stretched a bit, then met Dave at Beaverdam. First thing he said is let's not have an epic day, which means no Southloop. We usually get in some kind of trouble in Southloop LOL. We end up riding Outer Loop then West Loop. About 4.5 miels that took us about an hour, we stopped a lot and were taking it fairly slow. I had a few burst to speed here and there but in general kept myself in check. Dave has been doing a lot cardio ride workouts at Umstead but this is his first time on single track in over a year.

I locked Jade out of the house since she lost her garage door remote last week and the new one is not here yet. My neighbor Joel let her in. By the time I got home from riding she had gone to her gym for her weekly PT and Joel was working installing new shocks in his wife's car. I end up helping him for about an hour. Feeling pretty dehydrated after that.

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