Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hee-Haw and KSO

The weekend's rain brought up the Haw. I had a quick paddle on Monday with Jade at about 2ft, maybe 4,000 CFS or so. The bottom wave of Gabriel's is great for flat spin and roundhouses.

More water came down Monday night from Burlington, so by Tuesday morning it was just over 10,000 CFS. Perfect level for both waves. But an electrical socket shorted in the morning which caused Jade a brief panic, so I spent the entire morning going to the store three times before finally getting the right part and replaced the damn socket.

By the time I was ready to go, the level had dropped to 8,500 CFS. Russ was the only one I found free so he and I put on around 3pm. What I didn't realize for a long time was that Russ was spooked and quite scared by this level and was getting tossed around a lot. I on the other hand focused on surfing and trying to encourage him to take on a few small waves and holes. the top wave at Gabriel's was in great shape. I managed to do some beautiful high blunts on both side of the pocket and attaining back up wasn't a big deal as before, must be all those cardio workout from running. The bottom wave was just starting to collapse into a hole so it was so so. Should have tried some loops there but I was focusing all my energy on the top wave doing blunts. Sometimes it would take me four or five carves across the pocket before able to setup the position, so will need to pay more attention on where I carve back and how much edge and angle I need to get back to the top. I think that's one of the biggest differences between the pros and amateurs like myself. Most people admire their abilities to do the big moves, but it is their abilities to maneuver around the wave or hole to setup the big move that's the key.

The Wednesday's paddle was in the Green Boat playing with attainments. Doug told me the far river left side way beyond Gabriel's Bend was attainable. I found the spot, but the Green Boat just lacked enough hull speed to get up, compare to Doug's Speeder.

I also ran 5 miles on the ATT in my new Vibram Fiverfingers KSO. Knees felt a bit weird, had a nice blister on the inside of my right foot, and a day later my heels were a little sore. Hmm.....not sure about this minimal shoe stuff.

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