Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Cartwheel session

It's been almost a month since I paddled my playboat, even in the flat water. Yesterday while biking at Beaverdam I wish I had my boat, so today I talked Jade into going to the lake with me to play a bit.

A month off is rough on oblique muscles. First twenty minutes was spent throwing my weight around and over slamming the stern and boat falling over my face, and even the bow which is usually easy for me seemed hard to drive down. Finally told myself to focus on rotate the body hard and keep the abs tight from shifting the weight back. Eventually had a few good 12 to 14 ends.

On the good note, my righty cartwheel seems to be improving. It's hard to not improve from the ugliness of my righties. Tried a few loops too and those were also very slow, having a hard time catching up to the boat for the last move to throw my weight back to push down the bow.

I did convince Jade to try her righty cartwheels. It's like learning it all over again, circa 2003.

Beautiful sunset as we were leaving. Water temperature was perfect. I'm going to start swimming here next week instead of going to the pool.

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