Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Umstead madness

All of my friends who are running the Umstead 100 seem to be better prepared than I'm. Amy is completely packed and out of things to do. So is Frank. Valerie has her race plan for the crew and pacers all written out and ready to go. Lauren is taking this whole week off to prepare, and all next week off to recover. Stephanie and Jeff are all ready as well. Charles, he's been ready since last year. Judy is coming off a full Ironman, this will be a piece of cake for her.

Me, I'm here studying Complementary and Alternative Medicine and looking at picture of Yoda and figuring out how the Force is affect antiretroviral drugs. Packing? Are you kidding me? That may have to wait til Friday after the race briefing, since the exam on this stuff is Friday afternoon.

About the only person I know who maybe in worse shape than I'm is Erika. She just came back from a hiking vacation in Peru last week, and brought back Campylobacter, pink eye, and arthritis in the back. But she's probably also all packed at this point as well.

At least I get to relax after Umstead 100 on Sunday, by studying topical, transdermal, buccal, sub-lingual, vaginal, and rectal drug delivery methods for the exam on Monday morning. I really ought put myself in the ER by Sunday morning to avoid that stupid exam.

But I do feel the Force is strong in me! I may not have anything else going on for me but this one is gonna carry me across the finish!


  1. Good luck on the Umstead 100. Let us know how it goes. "The pain will go away but the menory lasts forever."
    Gotta Run,

  2. Maybe carry index flash cards to study as you and distract from the pain:) Good luck!!

  3. Sean, good idea. Better do that during the day. Thanks!

  4. That Sean . . . he's always thinking!! Jim - you may not be packed but you are WELL TRAINED and physically ready. And you are mentally tough as nails! Just bring a little red wagon and pull me around!!