Friday, March 18, 2011

Two more weeks to Umstead 100

Have been a total slacker about updating. Mainly due to school but that's more of an excuse.

Two weeks and 9 hours from now, I'll be at the starting line of Umstead 100. My first 100 mile race. It was probably a mistake to sign up for this race in the middle of Pharmacy School, but I did it and I'm stuck to training and getting ready for it. It was an interesting training plan. Actually there was no training plan. I ran only 50 miles in November of last year, and panicked, attempted a 50 mile night run that ended at 25. Two weeks later, middle of December, I did 27. Then went to visit inlaws in Florida over the holidays, then my parents came to visit. The day my parents left, I ran 40 in Umstead and couldn't walk that evening. Ten days later, I ran Weymouth Woods 100k on January 15th and amazingly finished without completely falling apart. So that gave me some confidence and that maybe my inconsistent and low mileage training is working. A week later after a 10 miler, my right metatarsal hurt. Oh crap. Rested for two weeks, started running short and slow, then on February 19th I ran Pilot Mountain Payback Marathon, and did a great job of running slow and not hurt myself further. Two more weeks of low mileage running and resting and lots studying, I ran Umstead Marathon on March 5th and added 6 miles before by running to the start. It got hot that day and was more effort than I had hoped.

So that was my total training for the race. I'm probably at 2 percentile mileage wise for training for a 100 mile race. Will this low mileage inconsistent training for? Find out in two weeks.

Oh, did I mention I hope to finish in 24 hours? Yeah, pipe dream LOL.

Did I also mention that I have an exam on Friday afternoon the day before the race, and another exam on Monday morning right after the race? Yeah, assuming I finish the race, after running for a hundred miles, I'll be studying the rest of the day. I found out at least one another first time 100 miler is taking the entire week off before the race, AND after the race.

Life pretty much stinks at the moment.

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  1. But you run good! What you may lack in quantity, you make up for in quality. 100 miles is no joke. But you have a better chance of finishing then most! Just say hello as you lap me!!