Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is my leg coming back? Slowly yeah

I took two weeks off after Umstead 100 to let my body, and especially my right leg to recover. The Poloar Care 300 is the bomb when it comes to treating inflammations. The first week of my recovery is pretty much living with the Polar Care unit whenever I'm home and awake. Second week I walked around normally and generally felt better. Then I read some of my U100 friends went out and did a 24 hour race on April 16, ok, I feel wimpy now but also inspired to get off the couch and try something.

First run was Friday, April 15th. Jade is in Florida visiting her family, so no one can tell me it's a dumb idea to try to run. To minimize embarrassment, I got to the park at around 8 when it's just getting dark, so no one can laugh at my slowness. 7 miles around the race course loop, and slow as heck, with skyrocketing heart rate and right leg still feel weird.

This week, I decided to stay with that distance but try various surfaces: bridle roads, single tracks and road. 4 runs of 6 to 7 miles so far this week, and the right leg is improving on each run, while the heart rate is coming down slowly as well. Plan to do a 16 mile run on Sunday at ATT to see if there is any endurance left.

So there is a slim hope that I may able to do ALT 50 on May 15th after all.

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