Thursday, June 3, 2010

Going nuts over Grand Canyon planning

This trip has a million details to plan. It really does feel like planning to invade a country. You don't invade a country successfully without massive amount of planning, and you certainly can't drag eight people down into one of the deepest gorges on earth for 16 days with daily temperature high of 110' and come out alive and in one piece without massive amount of headache.

A good clip of rafts, kayaks and J boats going through Lava.

Today's goal: getting everyone's info for permit, looking for hotel room for the day before the putin and day after the take out, getting the personal packing list ready and out to everyone, work on the emergency protocol in case of Diamond Creek flooding closes the take out road. Getting the final two commitments, etc etc etc. On top of all these, I had to prepare and pack for the hardest race of my life this weekend, the Chattooga River 50K.

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