Thursday, April 29, 2010

Biking at Beaverdam

So last weekend's Captain Thurmond practice run got me going on the bike, really it was my first time on trails this year. Wednesday I felt my legs were ok, and even though my butt ached from hill intervals on Tuesday, I figured it wouldn't affect riding so I went to Beaverdam to ride the Southloop.

I probably rode this loop only three or four times overall. At first nothing was familiar but I knew there was no other trails around here. After awhile some landmarks and trails marks become familiar. I didn't bother with dropzone, since I had no idea how my legs would respond to this loop after not riding the entire winter.

I was definitely not fast, but all those running in the winter did make one difference that I noticed. Even though I could climb no faster than before, I recover faster. I used to have to either ride very slowly or stop after any size hills, but now I seem to recover breathing and leg strength without much of a rest after hills.

Finished the loop in 1 hour and 11 minutes. Not exactly fast, but not turtle slow either, I hope.

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